петак, 06. јануар 2017.

Earn to die review

Many people play flash games in their free time,at work,in the office,in the school or at home.Mobile phones are taking over the gaming industry,more and more people play the games on their smart phones,but,it can never be good as playing it on the pc or laptop,it gives the full user experience.

The earn to die game is a good and exciting adventure game for all ages.You can never be too old for this game.The only thing you need to watch out with this game is yourself because the game is very addictive,and after finishing the first part you feel that you must move on to the second part of the game,after finishing it,move on to the third and so on,cause the game has 6 parts that you can play out,and every part is different.

In each part of the game,you get some starting money and an old car that you can upgrade.The stronger car you have,the bigger distance you will drive with it and the more money you will get.Each time you drive your car you get some money and you can buy some new parts for your car and tune it up so it will have more gas and a stronger engine so you will be able to make a bigger distance and get more cash.The goal is to reach the helicopter on the en d of the level,the helicopter will rescue you from the zombies.

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недеља, 18. октобар 2015.

Hello Kitty games

Do you like Hello Kitty?Here is a nice site where you cna play some hello kitty games.A lot of girls like her for many years,sice the starting of the Hello Kitty cartoon.You can find anything in her shape like the new hit is the minions stuff.
Here is a hello kitty game,try it out.

You can also play some good power rangers games on our partner site.

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Train games

Do you like trains?Or do you like games?Here you can find both.This blog is here to make you familiar with the best new games online,and you can choose what types of games you like.There are games for everyone.Let's say,here you can try out the best train games and play them without registration.
Try it out

Train games

Train games

SpongeBob games

Hey kids!Do you know what time it is?It's Sponge Bob games time!
On the spongebob games website you can find the newest and most played games of all times in which ones the main character is Sponge Bob and his best friend Patrick.You have to try out this games in which both of them play at the same time,and you control them.
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Sponge Bob Gold rush 2

петак, 09. октобар 2015.

Minion games

After The first two parts of the Despicable me movie the minions started ruling the world.Since then you can buy almost anything today that has a shape of the minion.After the new launch of the Minions movie in July 2015,the minion fantasy is gorwing even more,and now even you can play minion games online which are very good.There are many diferent games,like,minions hidden alphabet ,minion school test and many more.

Try it out Minion games

Minion games

петак, 07. август 2015.

Skateboard games

Skateboard city is one of the most popular skateboard games today and we completely understand why. It has awesome environment for skateboarding, and in this game, you can learn how to do some interesting tricks with your skateboard. You can skate through the streets and skate parks, with ramps and tracks which is a dream for every skater out there. At the beginning of the game, you can choose gaming mode - there are freestyle and mission mode available. If you want to test your skills on skateboard, choose freestyle. If you want to start your mission, click play and adventure can begin! Control your skateboard with arrow keys, use spacebar to jump and down to break. Your goal is to touch exclamation point and to go back at the starting point.

There are several missions to complete, and every mission is harder than the previous one. Until you get use to it, playing this game will be a bit hard, but after some time, you can become true skateboard master. If you want to jump higher, hold down spacebar just a second before you release it. In Mission 2, your goal is to reach checkpoint above kicker, and you must try real hard to achieve this. To unlock new world, you must complete first one. Use Z button to do the tricks. There are so many tricks available - high jump, 50-50 grind, impossible, kick flip and many more. For more details about how to do the trick, enter Tricks section. At the left area of the game, there is High score board, and you will need some time to be one of the best players. Try this awesome game and we guarantee you will be hooked. To make things more interesting, play against your best friend and see who can have better score. 

недеља, 05. јул 2015.

Fishing games

Almost all the man like fishing.Are you one of  them?Or you are a woman/girl who likes fishing?Maybe you just like games.Anyways,if any of these above are describes you you are on the right place.The site fishing games is an entertaining site made for all ages and genres.If you like fishing and can't go out to fish you can play some realistic fishing games like forest lake fishing.Try them out and leave a comment with your opinion.